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Change the Trajectory of Your Life

Group Coaching Program Preview

Mental Health Coaching

to overcome trauma, stress & overwhelm.

I empower my clients to learn how to heal themselves by providing education, tools and support. By focusing on the client as a whole, it acknowledges the mind, body and soul connection and integrates these into practices to help my clients set and achieve goals to optimize their overall wellbeing, heal their trauma, overcome stress and overwhelm and learn how to thrive. ~ You can also include energy healing into your coaching sessions. I incorporate the Akashic Records & Reiki healing to help calm trauma responses, anxiety & depression, along with clearing fear to leave you feeling lighter in mind, body & soul❣️

What do we focus on in 1-on-1 coaching sessions?

During the coaching sessions, working together, we will identify the following: An initial assessment of your overall wellbeing. Identify the core areas in your life where you would like to increase your mental health & wellbeing. Your goal to improve your mental health and wellbeing. Action steps to achieve these goals. Additionally we will discuss what will support you in completing your action steps, accountability strategies, timelines, lifestyle changes & anticipate challenges.

Janine O'Keefe, HCA-RHC™


Hello! I'm Janine, a Registered Integrative Health Coach. I specialize in Mental Health Coaching for trauma, stress & overwhelm. As a former police officer with 14 years of experience I have training dealing with trauma, addiction and mental health. I have had my own struggles with PTSD and left the force in 2022 due to an Operational Stress Injury. I now choose to help people in a different capacity. I am an Empath and Energy Healer. I use energy healing to clear strong emotions and calm trauma responses to leave my clients feeling lighter in body, mind and soul. I believe in the mind-body connection which is the basis of integrative health coaching, the mind affects the body and vice versa. I am passionate about personal growth & self development, mental health, trauma, addictions, all things supernatural & metaphysical, fitness and the outdoors! My mission is to educate people about trauma and mental health and empower people to heal their trauma, stress & overwhelm so they can move from surviving to thriving!


Energy Healing

“I received energy healing from Janine and it was so powerful. She was really able to calm down some trauma responses under the surface and heal them. I also now have a signal of when I need to pause. She actually followed through on supporting the integration on some of the healing that I had already received. It was quick and very powerful. She did so much for me.”

Kelly Ann

“I have had many spiritual healing sessions with Janine. Each one I have come into the session with various emotional energies.  Most have been low energy, of which I mean depression, fear and anxiety. After each session I have always felt lighter in body, spirit and mind. I appreciate the time she sets aside and the information she gives before, during and after the healing. I am thankful and grateful to have her in my life as a spiritual coach, a healer and a friend.”


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